Mariko Shindo -The Indefinite Silver Grains-

2009 April 30th – June 26th

What makes a photograph become an artistic expression relies on the combination of optical chemical reactions and the human intention. But unfortunately, both of these elements fall into the category of ambiguity. If one must seek something definite, then one might as well not elucidate the meaning of photography. On the other hand, it would be wonderful if those ambiguous elements were able to originate something new through “the third eye”/the viewer. If rephrased, photography can be seen as the harmony created between indefinite chemical reactions, human intention, and the third eye; hence, a photo does not belong to anyone. A photo is like a craftwork that was originated out of sheer necessity through a merging with accidental occurrences. Photographic artist Mariko Shindo says that her memories of where and what she took in her images are ambiguous. But then, one can also say that the “indefinite silver grains” of a photograph should be narrated in their entirety. Perhaps only the Buddha knows where photos ultimately lead to. /Kurenboh

Mariko Shindo
Born 1980 in Tokyo.
Lives in Yokohama