October 5th – December 10th, 2011


The 3.11 tragedies have exposed the impotence and doubtful aspects of humankind. The human species is now being tossed about by the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. We have been placed in a situation where we can see the end of modern material civilization that was built up through our ignorant goal to “satisfy all our desires.” Hence, we have become blind to the question, “Where are we going?” But allow me to ask, “Have there been changes to “the truth” that all phenomena come into existence through cause and effect, but that all that has been built is transient?” and “You are not dead, are you?”
This exhibition presents the fundamental problem that can guide us to “the truth,” via the eyes of the young photographer Toshiya Murakoshi, whose hometown is Sukagawa, Fukushima.(Kurenboh)

My hometown holds “my time” that I have spent in the past, and the “my time” that I hope to spend in the future.
I had never doubted that the “my time” that has accumulated in my hometown is what nurtures me (and my photographs). But because of the nuclear disaster that happened right after the earthquake, I thought that I might lose my hometown. This would mean that by losing my past and my future, my present might also vanish. I also feared that I might end up losing my own self.
But I slowly began to realize that the situation in Fukushima was much worse than I thought, to the extent that I could not afford to think about my personal feelings. Because I grew up in Fukushima, I felt the need to take photos of the present sights there. By utilizing my photos, I want to help out my beloved town, no matter how slight that might be, rather than just praying that my homeland will recover one day. I do not exactly know what I should do, but even if it is only a small token, I want to take a step forward.(Toshiya Murakoshi)