Minato, Chihiro - Mind the Ma

Photographs and Words
April 25th – June 20th, 2012

On the platforms of the London Underground, the announcement “Mind the gap” is repeated all day long.
One day I began to hear that announcement in my head as “mind, the gap.” Those words with their meaning “please be careful of the ma/gap” (between the platform and the train) could have been unconsciously planted in my mind. Human consciousness is generated through the gaps/synapses between neurons. It might be that the “mind” is generated from ma or the void. If a photo is seen as a fractional ma that is created within the flow of time, then the “mind” of a photo should be seen as an attempt to create a world through that ma/gap. An image and the “mind” are both produced. The energy that produces an image or “mind” likely exists within the void. I want to go on a small journey to that void through utilizing the medium of photography.

Chihiro Minato

The Buddha might indwell within the inexplicable nature of human beings, which lurks in the ma between an entity and a form of cognition. And that inexplicable gap might be connected to the source of life that allows us to live.