Atsushi Sugita “what comes after sanctuary or asylum”

-Light in August-
November 4th ~ 27th 2015

Light in August
what comes after sanctuary or asylum

Asylum was being desired, in particular after 3.11 and Fukushima. Asylum was not only desired, but also the effort to become to be an asylum was also continuing. But, is it real asylum where people believe as asylum? Even if invisible radiation will stop to break plants, cells and genes (of course, we are still unable to put it into practice), already stupid and arrogant spirit is hurting the foundation of peace. Asylum might be no longer here. Where is it? Perhaps, we can’t get its answer. Although, desiring it is not meaningless. At least, it might be possible for us continuing to have a wish for it.

Faulkner’s sanctuary was taken over by “Light in August,” that is, the light coming from Mount Olympus in ancient Greece, or an ancient itself. The light filling the ultimate serenity, Olympian calm. Surely in this limpid clear light, it cannot but make their outline clearer what we should do and where we should go. We can say that, people themselves, and their behaviors will be sanctuary or asylum rather than a place. Already, symptoms are going out…

Atsushi Sugita