Ken Morisawa“Memory of Consciousness”

2019 February 20th – March 15th

Memory of Consciousness

Alongside his photography, Morisawa Ken has always been a swimmer, and is now a skin-diving fisherman.

Morisawa says that while cultivating his aesthetic sense through working with water, he often felt that we humans are living beings which had be born of and had evolved from the ocean. Now, our bodies, given to us by our mothers, will have to begin to adjust due to changes in the environment. On the other hand, as we look backwards, at our origin point is a single cell. At this point in time, we cannot know what kind of consciousness may have existed in that single celled organism, but Morisawa seems to feel a sudden “something” from the bodily sensation of touching such organisms in the water. A consciousness of life. It seems unlikely that this type of experience will evoke such consciousness for the average person. I however, I feel there to be a similarity between the “something” felt in a moment of touching the water, gained through physical training, and the “something” felt through mental training for Buddhist monks.

With this exhibition, with stillness and awareness I would like us to take a shared look at that “something” by Morisawa Ken.