Masahiro Kodaira“Emergence”

2019 November 6th – December 6th

How to See

What can be understood from having a dualistic view like good and evil? Looking at things on the border of knowable and unknowable leads to discoveries beyond the self, and beyond such views. An existence like this may not be defined but is perhaps an enjoyable and floating existence.
It is said that for a while after Buddha reached enlightenment, he enjoyed it. There is enjoyment beyond the questions of recognition and existence. And, there is an indefinite enjoyment from the phenomenon of the self merging with the other.
I think that the way to see a photograph is to pray for happiness to come forth during that moment of questioning when facing a work.
Masahiro Kodaira’s photograph makes me think about the necessity of this method of viewing.
A piece of art is just like the lotus flower that Buddha held up in front of his disciples to convey the ineffable nature of suchness.