Akiyoshi Taniguchi(Photo) and Mizuho Ishida(Poem)

ーCatch the Emptinessー

2020, November 4th – December 18th 25th

One photographer and Poet are trying to catch the Ku under the Buddha’s Light.


A Thunder Tune

Seems like
Catching the emptiness wandering to sing
Through comb teeth of dream poured
Slight white light
From the vegetative point
Moist tremble cast off

Tangle in the evil sand
We burn double
Shoelace knot Thunderstorm drops inn
You take off your glasses and a shot
This world loses form
Will you uncap the pen’s?

Seems even the age of tree bends over
Life is splendid
The soul cuts up forces of the universe
Things cause and effect body
Called lattice of words
Can’t touch though out there
In a point a view
Loafing lightening leavening light !

The far-off winter thunder called to mind
What is that sound?
Blue rock thrushes in the sky chirping
Pebbles of voice popping
Beyond our mind
Shoot a thousand thorns of rain
The clear opening between the sea and the horizon
With the words filling in both
Heaven and earth will the lights speak too?

No mind in tears of wandering birds
Copy only the world
Among every fourth finger
An echo foams, tumbles through
The swirling tides of butterfly radio
A consonant of the moonlight begins to form

Eats out a painful blue clear thing

Mizuho Ishida