Yukihiro Yoshihara – Narumi story –

September 5th – November 16th, 2007

Yukihiro Yoshihara was born Shibata city, Niigata in 1960 at Yoshihara Portrait Photo Studio. He studied Tokyo Geijutsu University and Pratt Institute, NY. Through many year of installation and video works with Nam June Pike and Robert Ashley, he finally found the roots at his 130 years old Photo Studio’s collections. Now he lives and works for home-ground, Shibata City as an artist and the 6th owner of Yoshihara Photo Studio. In this exhibition he shows one of Woman’s life born to death, living Meiji to Showa era from his old studio collections.

‘We, human beings, How much long we have been repeating born and death. The photograph has been recording them coldly. But we know more reality and love through one photograph. Someday we die and what we will find over the death’ /Kurenboh

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