Asako Narahashi - another side –

2008 September 10th – December 6th

Kurenboh will hold Asako Narahashi’s exhibition titled another side. In this exhibition, Narahashi has captured images that commonly existed in her early monochromatic photos all the way up to her most recent photos. Out of those works, she selected and reconstructed the condensed images that underlie her works by reprinting them on large, transparent sheets of film, while also showing them independently regardless of their colors or the different series they were from. In this first installation of hers, she has also fully encompassed her ideas of getting closer to the opposite side, as well as incorporating dual elements such as this world and the world beyond, front and back, and opposition and harmony.

‘Dichotomous logic’ occurs naturally in this world in which we live. But creating a harmonious circle formed with the x axis and the y axis is extremely difficult to reach. Despite this, I never cease to wish that in this world of flux in which there is an endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth, the wanderers that we are (who are seekers after truth) can possess the perspective to transcend this world and reach the Pure Land through the guidance of a ‘perpetual light.’ That is why I aspire to believe in that light by standing at the marginal boundary between this world and the world beyond. / Kurenboh

Asako Narahashi
1959 Born in Tokyo