Mizuho Ishida,Ear,Bamboo Leaf Boat

-Cocoon of Words, Temple of Sounds-

Art Director: Yasuyuki Okusada / Calligraphy: Sosuke Kitamura

June 1st―June 30th 2017

Now I see, words hurt not only my soul
But my auditory sense

Just like heart closes itself,
Ear closes itself with mosses


― From “A Snowy Wind”

Do words hear sounds?


― From “Invisible Waves”

The words to keep yourself alive may be woven out of the words hidden deep inside yourself. That is an unfathomable mystery, and also a kind of magic of poetry.

Just like a flower blossoming itself toward wind, light and rain, the delicate organ, ear, innocently opens itself up outside human body, and at the same time, whirling deeper inside the body and mind of human, making a labyrinth. Ear is very similar to poetry itself.

This book of poems Ear, Bamboo Leaf Boat was written through my personal, delicate experience of functional hearing loss. This exhibition of poetry, through the collaboration with the artists of other genres, tries to let the words of poetry spread further away to some other atmosphere, and let those words latent in the deep of the body and mind of the audience living the present moment.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, now is the time to present our life turning its hidden pleats out, with no conditions at all, to the drastically changing world. What kind of sound will be born that would penetrate poetry calligraphy and dance? We are hoping these expressions would turn into music prompting rebirth of every living thing.

Mizuho Ishida