IMAI, Tomoki

“A Decade” (Photographs)

2021, March 3rd – April 23rd

A Decade

It was after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station ten years ago that I started climbing nearby mountains and taking pictures.
As long as I continued shooting, I thought there would be no possibility for me forget the accident. I’m getting to know that the turmoil of a decade ago has slowly faded over ten years and continues to gradually recede into deeper shelves of my memory.
In another decade, or two, the memory will recede deeper and deeper. And while the memory goes farther and deeper, even then it does not fade. The photos I took are like a trap for my memories, flashing back at me from a distance. When I encounter such a trap, I realize that what I had forgotten had remained within me.

Tomoki Imai

Death may be the basis of fear and anxiety about the unseeable, but if the self is entrusted to nature there us hoping dwelling beyond.